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1 Cake flavor and 1 Buttercream flavor is included with party cake orders. 
 2 Cake flavors and 2 Buttercream flavors are included with wedding cake orders. 
Additional flavors or Gourmet Combinations can be added for an additional charge.

Cake Flavors


Chocolate, Lemon, Poppy Seed, Vanilla


Almond- Velvety rich almond cake.

Banana- Reminiscent of freshly baked banana bread, but in soft, moist cake form.

Blackberry Swirl- Vanilla cake with a swirl of real blackberries.

Blueberry Swirl- Vanilla cake with a swirl of real blueberries.

24 Carrot- Sweet carrot cake with or without nuts/raisins.

Coconut- Sweet shredded coconut make this one luscious cake!

Italian Wedding Cake- Buttermilk, coconut and pecans all find their way into this lovely cake.

Pumpkin- Traditional soft and delicious pumpkin cake.

Spice- Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice combined in a soft, fluffy cake.

Buttercream Flavors

Our Italian Meringue Buttercream is created with real butter, egg whites, sugar and natural flavors.  It is smooth, buttery and slightly less sweet than traditional buttercreams that are made with shortening and powdered sugar.


Almond • Blackberry • Blueberry • Caramel • Chocolate •  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (filling only) • Coconut • Cookies & Crème • Cream Cheese flavored • Espresso Coffee • Lavender • Lemon •  Mocha  • Peanut Butter • Pineapple • Raspberry • Salted Caramel •  Strawberry • Vanilla



Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White chocolate is melted and combined with heavy cream to form a luscious icing or filling.

Filling add ins*

Chocolate Chips, crushed oreos, sliced almonds, toasted coconut, chopped peanuts, chocolate espresso bean bits, caramel drizzle, nutella drizzle


*additional charge

Gourmet Combinations



Almond Royal- Almond cake filled with raspberry buttercream and sliced almonds,  iced with almond buttercream.


Chocolate Overload- Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate buttercream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and iced with chocolate ganache.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb- Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter buttercream and chopped peanuts, iced with dark chocolate ganache.


Coconut Macaroon- Coconut Cake filled with coconut buttercream and toasted shredded coconut,  iced with almond buttercream.


German Chocolate- Chocolate cake filled with the popular coconut and pecan filling and iced with chocolate buttercream.


Joyful Almond- Coconut cake filled with almond buttercream, toasted shredded coconut and mini chocolate chips, iced with almond buttercream.

Lemon Razz- Lemon cake filled with raspberry buttercream and white chocolate chips, iced with lemon buttercream.


More Mocha- Chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream and chopped chocolate covered espresso beans,  iced with dark chocolate ganache.


Pina Colada- Coconut cake filled with pineapple buttercream and toasted coconut, iced with coconut buttercream.


Pistachio and Lavender- Pistachio cake filled with lavender buttercream and chopped pistachios, iced with white chocolate ganache.


Raspberry Truffle- Chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream and freeze dried raspberry crumbles, iced with chocolate ganache.

The Elvis- Banana cake filled with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate chips, iced with chocolate buttercream.


Tiramisu- Vanilla cake drizzled with a sweet coffee syrup, filled with cream cheese flavored buttercream and chocolate chips,  iced with cream cheese buttercream.


White Chocolate Raspberry- Vanilla Cake filled with raspberry buttercream and iced with white chocolate ganache.

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